At KJ Plumbing & Heating, we offer a fast friendly and efficient service covering a wide range of services. We can look after your boiler, keeping your family safe and of course warm, along with radiator installation, helping keep your entire home warm and cozy during the cold winter months. If you require any of the services below, feel free to contact one of our team today.

  • Class leading hot water flow rates for increased comfort and convenience
  • User friendly controls with clear, easy to read display
  • Service due reminder notifies you when the boiler requires a service
  • A wide range of outputs to suit all heating and hot water requirements
  • Compatible with natural gas and LPG
  • Energy Saving Trust Recommended
  • Support from our service division heat team
  • Frost protection – for greater flexibility of siting in garages and lofts
  • Peace of mind is offered with a 2 year warranty*
  • High Efficiency & NOx Class 5 rated
  • 5 second hot water delivery
  • Choice of plug in analogue or digital time as optional
  • Simple new in-built filling loop design
  • One way fit simple wiring connections
  • Easy access to all components from the front without removing side panels
  • Enhanced commissioning features, boiler self check routine.
  • Clear fault code explanation with detailed plain text display